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Analysis of Causes of Low OEE and Improvement by Implementation of TPM and 5S Techniques in Manufacturing Industry

Author(s) : Meghraj, Dr.SridharK

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 3 / 2016 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 23-30
ISSN (Online): 2394-3858
ISSN (Print) : 2394-3866


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the contribution of TPM at a stretch in industry to sort out the root causes for Low OEE. TPM is an evolutionary with the changing time which keeps plant and equipment in good condition to increase the productivity. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) plays an important role in the industry which shows the total efficiency of plant working. Due to sudden failure and breakdown occurs in the machine and increases the cost of maintenance, which results in low availability, poor performance and low quality, and ultimately the OEE become low. The main objective of this study is to improve OEE with the help of TPM and 5S using a systematic approach, the 4 machine were analyze which help in finding the root causes of machines. The OEE was found to less than world class OEE (85%). Further, a model is constructed to reduce the losses in the manufacturing industry which improves the effectiveness of the plant.


TPM (Total productive maintenance), OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Cause and effect Diagram, Availability, performance, Quality.


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