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Numerical Investigation Of A Novel Heat Sink

Author(s) : Sreenath V R, Roopesh Kaimal, Pradeep M Kamath

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 3 / 2016 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 16-21
ISSN (Online): 2394-3858
ISSN (Print) : 2394-3866


In this paper, performance of a wave fin heat sink with three sections of stepwise decreasing hydraulic diameter is numerically investigated. A steady state, 3-D, laminar flow model was assumed. The channel is investigated by varying the flow rate (25mL/s - 40 mL/s) and wave amplitude. The performance of wave fin heat sink was compared with plate fin in terms of pressure drop penalty parameter, heat transfer enhancement parameter and performance factor. Heat transfer was found to be enhanced significantly and pressure drop penalty associated with the modified geometry was found to be less significant when compared to heat transfer enhancement. Temperature rise was moderate leading to temperature uniformity along the length of the channel.


Wave Fin, Heat Sink, Minichannel, Varying Channel Geometry, Heat Transfer.


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