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Review On Performance of High Energy Ignition Techniques

Author(s) : Jubin V Jose, Sreenath V R

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 2 / 2015 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 7-13
ISSN (Online): 2394-3858
ISSN (Print) : 2394-3866


Ignition systems are the fundamental parts of spark ignition engines which determine the engine efficiency and pollutant emission. With the recent developments in engine technology significantly high spark energies are required. This paper reviews progress in alternative ignition systems that supply high energy sparks and more efficiently transfer energy to the gas mixture. The improvement in performance parameter of a spark plug such as net heat transfer rate, flame development time, exhaust gas emission rate are compared with conventional ignition systems. This paper also tries to identify critical research gap and also the advantages and limitations of advanced systems with reference to the advanced researches reported in this area.


Combustion, Engine, Exhaust Emission, Flame propagation, High Energy Ignition


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