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Anonymity Preserving Routing In Location Privacy Schemes In Wireless Sensor Networks
R.Regin   Download Paper


Review On Performance of High Energy Ignition Techniques
Jubin V Jose, Sreenath V R  Download Paper


High Speed Linear Pipeline Multiplier for Signed-Unsigned Number Operating at 20 GHz 
Ravindra P Rajput, M N Shanmukh Swamy  Download Paper


An Efficient Image Steganographic Algorithm Using CMYK Color Model
M. Shobana  Download Paper


Automatic Color Sorting Machine Using TCS230 Color Sensor and PIC Microcontroller
Kunhimohammed C. K, Muhammed Saifudeen K. K, Sahna S, Gokul M. S, S Usman Abdulla  Download Paper


Application of ICT in Multivariable System Identification of Cement Mill Process
P S Godwin Anand, R Krishna Priya and P Subbaraj   Download Paper


Online Monitoring of PLC Based Pressure Control System
Helen Maria Sabu, Aravind V.B, Apurva Sullerey and Binson V A  Download Paper


Analyzing Job Aware Scheduling Algorithm in Hadoop for Heterogeneous Cluster
Mayuri A Mehta, Supriya Pati  Download Paper