Why to submit to IJRIST?
IJRIST has established itself as a professional and notable venue for publishing high quality research papers recognized by various universities and international professional bodies.It guarantees a maximum exposure of all its published articles in various indexing sites/databases.

IJRIST is a peer-reviewed journal?
Yes it is a peer-reviewed journal minimum of two external reviewers and one associate Editor Review, in total three peoples will be reviewing your manuscript. For more details see review process

Are IJRIST published articles available for free?
Yes, all the papers published by IJRIST are available for download for free based on Open Access Publication policy.

What is the standard and quality of papers published in IJRIST?
Since IJRIST has only two issues per year, IJRIST Publish only high quality papers. Manuscripts that have a significant contribution, worth for sharing an idea, a concept, a technique or a result, are considered for publication as determined by our reviewers. The acceptance rate of IJRIST varies from 25% to 35%

What is the frequency of publications?
IJRIST publishes a regular issue every six months months apart from special issues.

May I request an extension for submitting my paper?
Yes, you may request an extension; Maximum an extension for paper submission varies from 2-3 weeks.

How do I submit my paper?
First, Register with IJRIST online Manuscript submission portal, the user friendly system will guide you to complete the entire process, only MSWord files are accepted.

When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?
IJRIST is a fully automated online portal; you will receive the mail immediately after registering with IJRIST online portal. And also you will receive an email when you submit the manuscript.

Is it possible to tack or know my status of my paper?
Yes, there are four status; 1.Submitted, 2. Assigned Reviewers, Under Review, Results (Accept without any change, Minor Correction, Major correction Re-reviewed, Rejected). To know this status you have to log on to the IJRIST online portal and click status of your paper.

Why IJRIST does have Publication charges?
Publishing with open access is not without costs. IJRIST defrays those costs from article Publication.